Clara W. Dudley "Pompadour" page 1
Clara W. Dudley "Pompadour" page 10-13
Clara W. Dudley "Pompadour" page 14-15
Clara W. Dudley "Pompadour" page 2-5
Clara W. Dudley "Pompadour" page 6-9
Sarah Anne Birch "the nifty knife"
5 images
Sarah Anne Birch "witchling" storyboards
10 images
Megan Schiff 1
Sajad Amini 25th Outstanding Student Award, Poster Design
2 images
Morgan VanFleet 3-D Chalk Art Drawings
4 images
Noah Lee 36 days of type 2016
6 images
Noah Lee 36 days of type 2017
Gabriela Watson A Collection of Good Memories
Malachi Phelps A Mask, Worn
Noah Lee A Matter of Taste
Nikolai Serban A New Story (cover illustration)
Jillian Sayer Abstract
2 images
Jacob Silberger-Franek Acrylic Painting
2 images
Alexis Fenn Advertising
2 images
Nick AHWA Turkish Coffee Packaging
Mariah Bazan Alone Time
Morgan VanFleet Alone Time
2 images
Angela Silva Angela's Portfolio
Animated Letters
Marilyn Zornado Animated Letters
2 images
Adrian Nyehart Animation
Animation Reel: Spring 2017
Finn Peterson Animation Reel: Spring 2017
Nikolai Serban Anna Lus Asmodeus (character design)
8 images
Cassidy Jade Marotta AP portfolio 2015/2016
Jillian Sayer Apple Bloom
2 images
Angela Silva Art!
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