Nicole Kuzma Pierced
Nicole Kuzma Segmented
Nicole Kuzma Leviticus Mourning
Nicole Kuzma Hand plyed and dyed wool
Nicole Kuzma Infection
Nicole Kuzma The Real Interior
Nicole Kuzma Woven Sketch
Nicole Kuzma Woven Scarf
Nicole Kuzma Mended Mando
Nicole Kuzma Acoustic
Nicole Kuzma Cave Bug
Unchained Presents: Plastic Otters
Nic Addante Unchained Presents: Plastic Otters
Kayla Wheeler Betsy Bubble's Witch Wand
Kayla Wheeler Betsy Bubble's alleyway background
Kayla Wheeler Betsy Bubble Character Turnaround
Kayla Wheeler 411 Replacement Cutouts
Kayla Wheeler Morphimals
Charlie Miller Stop_Motion_Animation_Reel.mp4
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller ej.gif.mp4
Charlie Miller Miller_Life_Final.100.mp4
11 images
Kaylie Pendleton Personal Illustration Work 2018-19
4 images
Kaylie Pendleton Rose Sticker Design
3 images
Kaylie Pendleton Greeting Card Design
3 images
Kaylie Pendleton Mural Design
4 images
Kaylie Pendleton Healthcare for Justice Mockup
Bouncing Can with Foxtail.mp4
Kayla Wheeler Bouncing Can with Foxtail.mp4
Shoulder Demon Walk cycle.mp4
Kayla Wheeler Shoulder Demon Walk cycle.mp4
Do the Robot Corkscrew a Paper Puppet animation .mp4
Kayla Wheeler Do the Robot Corkscrew a Paper Puppet animation .mp4
Persona_Stop Motion object animation.mp4
Kayla Wheeler Persona_Stop Motion object animation.mp4
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