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It rained last night, and I'm not sure if you'd understand, What it means to me, Or even to you, Or anyone involved in the whole ordeal, But it rained, oh it rained, hard, last night. The water poured down the street in little rivers that met on a plateau. The grass cried on the dirt The worms crawled up out of the ground, As if they were rejoicing, and that is wonderful, Because the worms appear to celebrate rain, As it floods their homes. Because the worms don't mind coming out to see the s
It Rained Last Night
Jessi Ott It Rained Last Night
Running Head: FILM COMPARISON OF WILD AND INTO THE WILD 1 Analysis of Gender Stereotypes Portrayed in “Into the Wild” and “Wild” Jessi Ott
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Jessi Ott Film Comparison Research Paper JOtt.docx
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