Miki Masuhara-Page Phone: 808-896-6866E-mail: Portfolio: ​Education​: Bachelor of Science-Art, Portland State University Portland, OR 2014 ● Presidents List/Deans List2012-13 California State University of Los Angeles, Art Los Angeles, CA High School Diploma, Kamehameha SchoolsOahu, HI 2008 Other: Artwork shown in Midkiff Learning CenterKohala, HI 2008 Art Installation at PSUPortland, OR 2013 Group Art Show at Bar Carlo Portland, OR 2014 Art Installati
Mikis older RESUME.pdf
Miki Masuhara-Page Mikis older RESUME.pdf
Miki Masuhara-Page  808.896.6866 actionURI( Education Bachelor of Art Practices/Sculpture, Portland State University, Oregon  Graduated 2014, Achieved Honors Awards, Presidents List, and an Art Grant Also Attended Cal State in Los Angeles Ca before transferring to PSU Exhibitions Burning Man, Nevada 2015, 2016, 2017 Shift Festival, Oregon 2016, 2017, 2018 What The Festival (WTF), Oregon 2014, 2015, 2016 Pegasus Project, Ore
Miki Masuhara-Page Resume.pdf
Miki Masuhara-Page Miki Masuhara-Page Resume.pdf
Projects and places/timelines Peggy: (The Cosmic Messenger) ​9 ½H×6ft W×8 ½ft L.​ ​Life-size Pegasus Unicorn standing on a cloud looking up towards the sky/universe. Made of steel painted with chalkboard paint so that bystanders can interact and write/draw on the piece. Mosaic glass panels composing the Chakras of the pony so that she lights up from the inside, as well as rainbow LEDs located on the mane, wings, and tail that are programmed to change colors so it looks as if the pony is alive a
Projects and places-timelines.pdf
Miki Masuhara-Page Projects and places-timelines.pdf
Mercury Baxley untitled
Mercury Baxley untitled
Mercury Baxley poetry manifesto
Mercury Baxley untitled
It rained last night, and I'm not sure if you'd understand, What it means to me, Or even to you, Or anyone involved in the whole ordeal, But it rained, oh it rained, hard, last night. The water poured down the street in little rivers that met on a plateau. The grass cried on the dirt The worms crawled up out of the ground, As if they were rejoicing, and that is wonderful, Because the worms appear to celebrate rain, As it floods their homes. Because the worms don't mind coming out to see the s
It Rained Last Night
Jessi Ott It Rained Last Night
Running Head: FILM COMPARISON OF WILD AND INTO THE WILD 1 Analysis of Gender Stereotypes Portrayed in “Into the Wild” and “Wild” Jessi Ott
Film Comparison Research Paper JOtt.docx
Jessi Ott Film Comparison Research Paper JOtt.docx
 Halena Hall 33 NW Park Ave Portland, OR 97209 (541) 951-9683  OBJECTIVE My objective is to help people and most  importantly do the best I can. I can work in  whichever area I am put in and will work hard no matter where I am at. EXPERIENCE R&R Pet Resort, ​Phoenix OR — ​Volunteering ●Helped feed and nurture animals ●Cleaned and sanitized animal kennels Wendy’s, ​Medford OR — ​Crew Member August 2017 - June 2018 ●Register and greeting customers ●Cleaning and sanitizing
Halena Hall Resume.pdf
Curtis 1 Worms By: Cailin Curtis  It’s not the street I usually go down, but for some reason, that day I turned a different corner.  I was desperate for something….anything. It was all slipping out of my control, but this, this measly turn, is something I can control. I don’t care where it leads. I guess that’s just another thing to add to the long list of things out of my control, right? “Sorry,” I mutter after bumping into a beige suit. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t sorry. In fact, I was cursing him
Cailin Curtis Worms.pdf
Pressing Poppies  by Cailin Curtis  All of my writer friends are creating wonderlands and I am  pressing poppies between pages of poetry  trying to eternalize the beauty of something before it’s inevitable and irreversible death.  I am scribbling thoughts of  love and  death and  heaven and  hell  onto napkins and coffee cups  trying to give some sort of  meaning to the meaningless  because I know that  for now  I am here,  but now is not forever  and someday here will disappear  and life will
Pressing Poppies.pdf
Cailin Curtis Pressing Poppies.pdf
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