Projects and places/timelines Peggy: (The Cosmic Messenger) ​9 ½H×6ft W×8 ½ft L.​ ​Life-size Pegasus Unicorn standing on a cloud looking up towards the sky/universe. Made of steel painted with chalkboard paint so that bystanders can interact and write/draw on the piece. Mosaic glass panels composing the Chakras of the pony so that she lights up from the inside, as well as rainbow LEDs located on the mane, wings, and tail that are programmed to change colors so it looks as if the pony is alive a
Projects and places-timelines.pdf
Miki Masuhara-Page Projects and places-timelines.pdf
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Swan Staveski X Marks The Spot
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Swan Staveski in a house at the top of a staircase (mouse runs out the door)
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Swan Staveski flower @ the top of a hill/mountain (reaching)
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Kiara Lime PIANO IN THE PARK SPOKANE (2018, Riverfront Park)
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Drew Fredenburg Transitions Senior Thesis
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Aaron De Lanty Chatsubo
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